pseudohacker is a private association devoted to hacking.

pseudohacker was formed by Psychad and marvin when they got tired of all the unserious computerclubs and "free" co-locations with politics and bureaucracy.

pseudohacker aims to interest the individual who sits all day in a serverroom and never socializes in other ways than email. This is not the only group pseudohacker aims for, but it is an important one.

pseudohacker thinks it is important to have technical discussions without pointless remarks of what other people don't know. An environment where you are at ease with saying "I don't know how that works, could you please explain it in simpler terms?" is more productive than the environment where everyone is swift to call you ignorant.

pseudohacker is thus a forum via mail and a hostingservice, maintained by the members, at many locations. By keeping a bigger network, services can be kept up (almost redundantly) on several independant nodes.

You do not have to be a member to be hosted.